A change in the wind

It is there in the midnight blue, where the moon shines silver.  A silence so deep it touches the soul of mine heart, when no more does the ache of prior times inflame. I sit and watch the play of the streaming wind against the tangles of free grasses. Swaying gently they do mesmerize, a depth of knowing opens, the silence gives birth, tall and strong is that within, for without the insecurity of flesh comes the sincerity of humble beginnings.  “Need not, want not,” a voice within does echo. “In silence you will find the truth of whom you are, it shall be your truth forever more,” it says.  Knowing not, seeing not, so blind are we, that we force life into action and action into life. So lost are we to the truth of our own existence. It us who allows misery to be so ever present. The weak suffer, the strong struggle to hold on to what it is they believe to be rightfully theirs. Dynasties are created to be ever lasting, it is our nonacceptance of finality that shall be our undoing. Fall shall we if we do not change, and change quickly we must. Yet great pain shall be the only way.


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