Obliteration and Reconciliation.

Lost is that boy who left home so long ago,into the darkness he went in search of secrets,
knowing not he found himself lost in the confluences of war,
his path winding and twisting did he grow to understand what it meant to sacrifice.

Love was often lost to free the hearts of others,
tears were shed to give hope to others,
on his shoulders did he take the pain of others,
the weight of the world bore him down onto his knee.

Abandoned and screaming he slowly stood to face a world that didn’t care,
in time others did come to stand by him and show him he didn’t have to be alone,
they gave him smiles and laughter,
took him in they did.

He stands now staring back at the path he walked wondering if he will be okay,
looking off into the sky he does,
hoping to find his heart again so that he might give his love to another,
he knows it will be alright.

With the sun shining and blazing from high,
he takes in the warmth,
takes in the breeze,
he hopes others will understand how difficult it is to be loved, and hopes that in time it will be easier.

He does not fear the darkness so much as before,
he see’s beyond and knows his limits,
for when the world is cold, close at hand will be someone to outstretch their hand to give warmth,
it is in the acceptance of help and the unburdening of all he has taken on that he has found his truth.
In vicem placidus deinde fas unicus in umum manet veritas.


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