Life at times can become quite irrational. The inconsistencies that plague the emotional stability of self can often times create an imbalance.  So, it is my hope that these blogs and insights will allow you the readers to find some way in which to balance out the positives and the negatives, for to much of either can create an influx of chaos in which you may find yourself conflicted.  Much of what I discuss is how I try to deal with my own issues as I have learned to deal with them from experience.  Other topics come from information I have studied and found to be useful to procuring contentment for the self.  If anyone has any suggestions as to which topics would be beneficial to other readers or myself please do not hesitate to comment your suggestions or send me an email via djnelly51@yahoo.com.  Thank you for taking the time to read these blogs, and I hope that they help all of you find some hidden truth about thine self.  In vicem placidus deinde fas unicus in unum veritas (In silence there is but only one truth).


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