The long road

There is such a time when’st thine light does shine bright and the majestic impressions of time there after does bring forth brilliant displays of contentment. Thus, the heart of thine being flourishes in the eyes of the light beyond. Even so, no such fate goes forth into the land unharmed. To remain pure and innocent, thine must know the costs and pains of knowledge so that thee may gain in wisdom and ascend the imprisonment of reality that has been placed upon thine paths end. Thou has’t only be seen by the self of thine’s inner being to know the truth of life and feel the love that does shine always within. How does thee find such meaning in indoctrinated religion when thou has’t not sought out and been a pilgrim in the land you so protest? Ah the sweet sorrows of life do bring meaning if thine feet do walk with tempered and succinct purpose. Forgo the rapturous nature of thine cities and find solace in nature where the slow river does wade through the earths lands. And, when thine final breath does press against the fading home thou has’t created through out a life time of dreams, worry not for that which has gone undone or the pain that has’t been inflicted through callous and inconsiderate reactions, find the peace in the smiles you have brought to others, the warmth that has’t passed from thine center to that of another, and find that place of contentment within to protect against the dregs of unknowing.  Let the long road give thine being its rest and worry not about what thine has left behind for the world and its river shall run forth still.



Between the cold stones

Today I would like to do something as far as my blog is concerned. A prose poem.  It used to be that I could write a poem that captured more then prose but then I found this style of poetry that made the simple complex, and the complex simple so here it goes.


The falling tear splashes against cold stone,
a trickling sadness erupts into madness,
there in the quiet cemetery of the forlorn mind,
does the waking horror start to seep.

Eyes closed,
darkness erupts,
a bottle opens,
the hushed sounds of nature preludes the minor song of death,
reaching through the veil of darkness,
pure light does pierce the tearing heart.

Time stands quiet,
dance in the rain filled chaos,
light push against darkness,
darkness blinds the light,
hope and fear pray for victory,
shall this broken soul survive or live in convoluted convection?